World Ventures Dream Trips Review – Debunking Scam Conspiracies

Hi everyone,

I just want to keep this review short and straight to the important points and facts about the World Ventures travel club with the cheap deals and prices for luxury vacations and holidays, and they also allow everyone to earn an extra or full-time residual income.

That’s what it is in a nutshell.

Now, let’s talk about why some people call a scam.

Cheap Price – Luxury Holiday

2017-successWorld Ventures is basically the travel agency, where, by becoming their member you earn extra points and get offered the cheapest holiday in a luxury hotel resorts, favorite world beaches, hiking the trails of mountains, experience adventure, safari, Mediterranean or Carribean  cruises, and much more for the best price guaranteed!

Which I personally found out to be true, but if you somehow find the cheaper prices for the same trip and hotel, World Ventures support will refund you all the money spent on the trip + you will go on the trip anyway!

This is what I call “Irresistible Offer”.

Cheapest Flights on Autopilot

Also, their search engine for the flights, that every member gets automatically access to after the signup, will scan for you every 10 minutes and will assure to give you the cheapest price for the flight ticket available since first time booking.

In other words, you know how frustrating it is sometimes when you book your flight and next day, the same date, it’s twice cheaper? Ok, problem fixed! This search engine will give you the cheapest price.


Now so far it wouldn’t seem anyone as a scam. But the World Venture company also implemented Network Marketing, simply to allow people earn money while traveling.

And now, that for most of the people sound too good to be true, especially when the word marketing is included. But what actually is network marketing, it’s the scheme that allows you to build a team of the people with the same or similar goal.

But in this form, this makes complete sense. Everyone wants to go for a holiday, so why not to get the cheapest prices not available elsewhere? And since you are enjoying your luxury holiday, you meet new friends and share with them the info about the World Ventures, and if they like traveling they will get aboard without any salesman speech and psychology tricks or something like that.

It doesn’t look like you are actually selling anything, more like recommending a product, which is the Cheap Luxury Vacation. Learn more about the Dream Trips.